Lost Girl

Lost Girl

Once there was a girl,
Who got lost on a summer evening,
When she was eight,
Or eighteen,
Or on a park bench, barely ageing.

She called for help,
Hearing her silken voice, many came,
They looked over high hills and into deep trenches,
Never knowing what became of her,
Or what she became.

She wandered in lost alleys,
That somehow spoke of silent longings,
Which she hid under expectations,
The weight of which crushed,
All her belongings.

One day, came a prince.
Whom she’d look at but never quite see.
He looked for her everywhere,
But couldn’t find her,
And along he went on his journey.

Thus passed days, decades, millennia.
People stopped looking, no longer heard the sound.
Of a cheerful girl,
Who once got lost in a place,
That no one ever found.

And then one dark day,
The beautiful maiden, lay dead.
No one knew, no one noticed,
For she’d been lost for ages,
In her own head.


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