To Moments that Sing

To Moments that Sing

Some of you, I’ve lived,
Some, lived in me,
Everytime, she waved,
Or a raging ocean did,
For none but myself to see.

I’ve seen you touch me,
Serenade me, kiss me, lull me to sleep,
And you stood there,
Not letting me drown,
In self-pity barely a toenail, deep.

And I’ve heard you sing to me,
Your opera trained, mother-like voice,
As you sang of torn-up hearts, missed boats,
Ten second late apologies,
And of the taken and the mistaken choice.

You’ve taught me well,
Of how sunsets fade,
In the seven-and-a-half minutes,
When I was too busy to look.
I’ll never forget the color,
Of a sunset that is almost dead.

I remember you on my first day at school,
And my last,
And on all days in between,
In a silver-lined, blurred life,
That disappeared a tad too fast.

My dears, you are born every day,
In a heart with a sleeve and a soul with a wing.
You, create me, cremate me,
You make me live.
This is to you dears, to moments that sing.
– sayan

Picture Courtesy : inkbluesky

(This piece is a shout out to all the beautiful moments that have filled our lives, ones we’ve forgotten about and the ones we will remember for many a lifetime. I believe that human emotion in its purest form, lies in these heart-capturing moments and that without these little bundles of joy, this life isn’t worth anything. So here’s to the moments that make us dance, to the moments that live, to the moments that sing.)

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