Remember Me

Remember Me

Remember me when I am gone, my love.

Remember the way I laughed, when the sun shone,
On cold Winter mornings as we curled up together.
Remember how I teased you every time you cooked,                                           And a stain of flour ended up on your nose.

Remember the way we danced in the summer rain,
On days that got wet by the tears of the universe.
Remember how we sat by the river on sun kissed evenings,                               And made dreams as much as dreams made us.

I know how you will be alone, once I’m gone.                                                       But I will have no choice; all I want you to do is,                                         Remember me for all I am, all that I have been.                                                   Remember me for I have loved you, endlessly.

Remember me, like I remember you, my love.                                            Remember me, for I haven’t died.

I have lived.


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